Symantec Secure site and Norton™ Secured Seal

We have employed Symantec, the global leader in providing security, storage and systems management solutions to businesses.

Every day, Symantec scans our site for all types of malicious software, including phishing, pharming, spyware, and the like . If any evidence of malware is found, Symantec takes immediate action.

Symantec's robust PKI infrastructure includes military-grade data centers for unsurpassed customer data protection, availability and peace of mind.

The Norton™ Secured Seal is a visible image of our dedication to PCI compliance, as eCommerce sites must authenticate their identities, and encrypt transaction traffic through this site to protect customer data.


We use Pin Payments to process our credit card transactions. Pin Payments takes several steps to prevent unauthorised disclosure or modification of sensitive information.

PCI Compliance

Our software, systems and procedures have been assessed and certified to PCI Data Security Standards.

Security Audits

Pin Payments' Product and website are subject to periodic manual and automated security audits. Audits are conducted internally, as well as by third parties.

Sensitive Information Storage

Credit card information is encrypted and stored in a system completely isolated from Pin Payments. At no time is unencrypted card data stored on disk either inside Pin Payments' system or in the card storage system. Internally card information is referenced only through the use of a token. The token is not derived from card information in any way.


All requests to our website and the PIN API are forced to use HTTPS to ensure encrypted communications.