The playing field has changed. “First impressions” used to occur when we met an employer face-to-face, now that first impression occurs online when we are “googled” or someone reviews our LinkedIn or Facebook profile.
This means that if you want to get that dream job, win that contract, or secure that promotion, you must have a strong online presence that is presenting you in the best light.
As Australia’s largest IT&T recruiter, Peoplebank understands how important this is to your success. So we have negotiated a very special deal for our clients with Australia’s leading online personal branding experts, Social Check. 
Social Check’s online personal report scans your social media accounts, identifies issues that could be holding you back and causing you to miss out on jobs, and then recommends powerful steps that you can take to build a strong online personal brand that will create new opportunities. All recommendations have detailed step-by-step instructions (including videos).   
The report usually costs $89.95, but as a Peoplebank client you pay only $69.95.
In this hugely competitive employment market, you need every edge you can get. Social Check will help you get that edge online.    

“There is a need for candidates, employees and contractors to carefully manage the way they appear online and better manage their personal brand. Social Check clearly addresses this very important need.”

Peter Acheson

Peter Acheson, CEO Peoplebank
Peoplebank is Australia’s leading specialist recruitment company

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