With more than 350 million users, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network. Looking someone up on LinkedIn has almost become the rule today before meeting a new professional contact for the first time. LinkedIn has also become the go to point for recruiters, with more than 94% of recruiters using LinkedIn to identify and vet potential candidates for jobs. Today your LinkedIn profile is just as (if not more) important than your resume. So you had better get it right and make it compelling reading if you want to maximize your professional opportunities. There is, however, a real art to writing a winning LinkedIn Profile. You need to highlight the right achievements, bring out the critical skills, get the right tone, and also bring out your personality and character. For something that is so important, we would always recommend leaving the writing to a professional. Our writers are enormously experienced, have written hundreds of LinkedIn Profiles, and know exactly how to present your story for maximum impact. It costs juts $XX to have your LinkedIn Profile authored with our [Standard Package]. This includes a 30 minute phone call from one of our writers. We also offer an [Executive Package] that costs $YY, that includes a one hour face to face meeting with one of our writers. If you have purchased a Social Check Report, the price is $YY for our Standard Package and $ZZ for our Executive Package. [Click here to purchase your LinkedIn Authoring package now].