The playing field has changed. “First impressions” used to happen when we met an employer face-to-face, now that first impression takes place online when we are “googled” or someone reviews our LinkedIn or Facebook profile.

This means that to secure the right next role, win new clients or secure a promotion, you must have a strong and professional online presence which presents you in the best light.

FMCG Talent understands how important this is to your success, and as part of our commitment to supporting career development we have negotiated a very special rate for our clients with the leading online personal branding experts, Social Check.

Social Check’s assesses your online presence. It rates you against your peer group, identifies issues that could be holding you back and then recommends powerful steps that you can take to build a strong online personal brand. All recommendations have detailed step-by-step instructions (including videos).

The report usually costs over £50.00, but through FMCG Talent you pay only £44.95.

In this a hugely competitive employment market, we believe you need every advantage you can get. Social Check can help you make the most of your personal brand online. 

When you consider that over 90% of employers and recruiters will check your online profiles, it becomes clear how critical it is that you know exactly what yours says about you.

Louise Gatenby

Louise Gatenby, Managing Director of FMCG Talent
FMCG Talent is a boutique recruitment and talent organisation that helps you stand out of the crowd.

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