Surprising Consequences of Spelling Mistakes Online


It happens innocently. Maybe you were in a rush and hastily updated Facebook with your latest news; or perhaps you were distracted, trying to juggle a conversation with a friend while tweeting. Whatever the reason, the mistake was made.


4 Reasons to Avoid Spelling Mistakes


1. Employers check social media 

     Whether you’re looking for a job, or already employed, your online behaviour can do you more harm than good.

     Employers believe that your online behaviour will reflect your behaviour at work. So if you have many spelling mistakes, they    

     may think you are careless, and lacking in attention to detail, which will affect your work. 

2. You won’t be taken seriously

     Spelling mistakes can ruin your credibility. One or two spelling mistakes here and there are acceptable, but if your posts are    

     constantly littered with spelling and grammatical errors, people are less likely to take you seriously. 

3. It makes you look lazy 

     One of the ways spelling mistakes can ruin your credibility is that they make you look lazy, or possibly even uneducated. 

4. Posts with spelling mistakes are difficult to read 

    We post online to share what’s happening in our lives. We want to be heard.

    However, a post with many errors is difficult to read and understand. Many people will give up reading something difficult after a

    few seconds.  

    Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors happen for a variety of reasons, but they can be avoided. 


How to Avoid Spelling Mistakes


  • Re-read your posts

            Sometimes it’s just a matter of re-reading your posts. Don’t hit that send button before reading through what you've written


  • Watch out for autocorrect

            We all love to laugh at autocorrect mistakes, but we don’t want to be the one making them in the first place. Before        

            updating your status, make sure your phone hasn’t autocorrected your post.


Best regards,

The Social Check Team

Amy Cheng

Amy Cheng

Communications Intern at Social Check™

Amy Cheng was a communications Intern at Social Check™. She is a talented young journalist that resides in Sydney and is currently completing a Master of Arts in Journalism at the University of Technology Sydney.