Social Media and Networking – A Part of Our DNA


Networking has become a daily ritual, along with a strong online presence and professional online profile. It is a critical component in achieving a successful career, especially in finding opportunities and building a strong reputation. So why has social media, and the concept of networking, become a core component of success?  

First of all, it allows us to stay connected and form relationships with people in our industry, which is essential to creating a contact base to draw upon when needed. We can communicate quickly and effectively with our network, and join other online communities to meet others with the same interests. Additionally, harnessing social media, and your network, allows you to widen your scope, and increase your knowledge on potential clients, employees, employers; and most importantly, your competition!

Don’t forget that your network says something about you! A profile that is up-to-date, with strong connections shows an individual with a strong reputation, and an interest in building their career. However, a profile that is missing a professional photo, and lacks engagement, mirrors an individual with a less compelling persona, which may negatively impact their career opportunities.  

Secondly, networking and social media keeps us up-to-date with the latest information, news, and topics that interest us. We can discuss issues on forums and gain insight from the ideas of others.

Finally, networking and social media have become effective tools for self-marketing, and marketing our business and products. We are able to reach a wider audience, and interact with customers, their feedback is critical to the success of the business.


Best regards,

The Social Check Team

Olivia Salanitro

Olivia Salanitro

Communications and Marketing Manager at Social Check™

Olivia Salanitro is a Marketing and Communications Manager at Social Check™, a business that assists individuals to create a professional and compelling online presence. Olivia specialises in LinkedIn profile authoring, social media strategy and execution, and personal brand management through online engagement and monitoring.