Review Your Likes Before Your Employer Reviews Them



Your “Likes” say a lot about you as a person

If you are the proud owner of a public Facebook or Twitter account, then you must know that your online activity is currently on display for everyone to see . This is because Facebook and Twitter have features that post updates of your activities on your friends’ and followers’ feeds.

You might think that there’s no reason to worry about this, but employers think that it can be a problem. Recruiters can make assumptions about your personality based on your likes and there is no way for you to know if they did.

The best thing you can do is to take some deliberate steps to protect yourself. Social Check recommends following these simple steps:

Activate your privacy settings.

The default settings on your profile for your “Likes” is set to “Public.” Review your privacy settings to restrict the public visibility of your “Likes.”

View your likes from the perspective of an employer or recruiter.

Be aware of which page or posts you are liking or commenting on. Your political views, religious beliefs or sexual orientation shouldn’t be but is often considered when their hiring team conducts a background check. Employers, clients or colleagues judge or discriminate you based on what you like. Look at your “Likes” from their perspective and complete an audit to align our “Likes” to your professional brand.

Think first, before you click.

Prevention is all well and good when you remember not to repeat the same mistakes. You will continue to subscribe to pages that you like, but do keep in mind that your employer may be watching you.

Not everything is suitable for work.

Be careful about what you click or search for when you’re using a work computer or are on your work network. Company networks are highly monitored environments these days.

Review your Groups on Facebook.

Anyone can add you to a random group of Facebook, which means that you should constantly monitor which groups you are part of. Sometimes it can be a spammy way for people to spread the word for their causes, but it can also affect how you are perceived by employers, colleagues or customers.

How to Edit Your Facebook Likes

David Griffiths

David Griffiths

Founder & Director - Social Check™

Social Check™ helps individuals to look the very best they can online and ensure that their personal online brand is as strong as it can be. Social Check’s unique technology helps people to rapidly, cheaply and easily audit their existing online presence and then take swift action to remedy issues and improve it. With a background of holding senior roles in multi-national corporates, David is passionate about business strategy, social media, innovation, start-ups, leadership, personal branding, executive development, brand reputation, reputational risk and digital marketing.