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David Griffiths talks digital personal brand

David Griffiths talks digital personal brand

By: David Griffiths

David Griffiths, Founder of joins the EchoJunction podcast this week to talk personal branding.

We discuss:

- What is a personal brand?
- The importance of first impressions – when someone googles you, what will they find?
- Why taking deliberate steps is key to managing your personal brand
- How rapidly things have changed – social media is only 3,000 days old!
- Why an audit of your online presence is important and some typical issues SocialCheck have found in their reports
- The perception that can be conveyed even if you post nothing online
- How 1bn of 4bn google searches every day are about an individual
- Best practice in terms of separating how you present personal and professional information about yourself, and on which platforms
- Why businesses need to be aware of the “cumulative personal brands” of their sales teams and employees
- The positive impact stemming from the image portrayed by David Thodey on LinkedIn when he was CEO of Telstra
- The very powerful impact if employee generated content is harnessed effectively

Plus lots more!
(including a very interesting prediction for the future)