5 Ways to Clean Up Your Online Presence For The New Year


Recruiters and employers now use social media to filter out potential candidates, even before the interview stage, more than ever before. So it’s crucial to clean up your online presence before applying for jobs, to prevent sabotaging your chances of getting the job.


Follow these 5 tips to have a pristine online presence in the New Year:

  1. Google yourself: Make sure there’s no ‘digital dirt’ on yourself. Remove any content that you wouldn’t want a recruiter or future employer to see.

  2. Check your tweets: Are there any rants about your boss or old colleagues on Twitter? Remove all these, and any spelling mistakes or profanity that you find.

  3. Check your Facebook privacy settings: View your profile as a member of the public, to discover what information is currently exposed about you. If you find content you wish to keep private, review your privacy settings. (For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/help/288066747875915)

  4. Keep LinkedIn professional: Make sure all your posts on LinkedIn are professional, and are aligned to your personal brand. Also, check that your profile is complete.

  5. Ask others to remove content that you can’t: Did you find something on Google about yourself that you didn’t like? Is it currently owned by another user without your permission? Get in contact and request that they remove it.

Your online presence is often the first thing a recruiter or future employer will see of you. First impressions count, so leave a great one this new year.

Olivia Salanitro

Olivia Salanitro

Communications and Marketing Manager at Social Check™

Olivia Salanitro is a Marketing and Communications Manager at Social Check™, a business that assists individuals to create a professional and compelling online presence. Olivia specialises in LinkedIn profile authoring, social media strategy and execution, and personal brand management through online engagement and monitoring.