4 Ways to Brand Yourself to Find Success

Being out of work and facing the prospect of long-term unemployment can be terrifying, but it’s no time to panic. Consider these 4 strategies to brand yourself to find success:

1. Know and believe in what you’re worth

It’s important to be convinced of your professional value. Believe that you are not only worth the opportunities you are seeking and that your current circumstances are not a reflection of the professional individual that you are. If you can’t convince yourself then you are going to have lots of difficulty trying to convince others that you are the right candidate for a job. 

2. Be professional online

It can be easy to ‘self-sabotage’ online  when you find yourself unemployed. Whether it’s through a comment on your Facebook page, Twitter or a LinkedIn group page. Don’t forget job seekers that when recruiters look you up online (of which 93% currently do) to consider you for a role, they may come across this negative content and you may miss out on the opportunity.

Posting positive content online that reveals your strengths, skills and passion for your area of expertise is going to strengthen your personal brand and look more compelling to a recruiter or hiring manager.

3. Don’t be afraid to network and follow-up

It’s important to invest the time in going to a networking event. Ensure that you’re prepared for any questions and know what you want to accomplish by attending. This will also help you to feel confident. Those who find success at networking events are clear about what they want to learn, who they specifically want to meet and stand out from the crowd through confidence and a high level of engagement.

4. Let others know what you can offer

It’s easy to get caught up in yourself when you’re currently facing unemployment. But remember that you will stand a greater chance at success if you demonstrate how you can add value to others, who could in turn help you find an opportunity. Whether this is be offering your expertise for free or making an introduction that someone else may benefit from. 

Finding a new job is not always an easy journey and can require every last bit of strength and determination you can muster. However by having a clear strategy and a great belief in who you are and what you can offer, you can brand yourself to find success.

David Griffiths

David Griffiths

Founder & Director - Social Check™

Social Check™ helps individuals to look the very best they can online and ensure that their personal online brand is as strong as it can be. Social Check’s unique technology helps people to rapidly, cheaply and easily audit their existing online presence and then take swift action to remedy issues and improve it. With a background of holding senior roles in multi-national corporates, David is passionate about business strategy, social media, innovation, start-ups, leadership, personal branding, executive development, brand reputation, reputational risk and digital marketing.