4 Pieces of Advice About Social Media Every Job Seeker Needs


The popularity of social media has grown rapidly over the last few years, and is probably here to stay. It is slowly becoming an important part of the job seeking process. Nowadays, more and more recruiters and employers are using social media to filter out potential candidates, even before the interviewing process.


Here are four tips to make yourself stand out on social media


1. Be more than just a piece of paper: Unlike a traditional resume, social media allows you to show more of your personality. Use this to your advantage; talk about your interests and hobbies, and voice your opinion on important issues and current topics.


2. Talk about yourself: So, you need to let your personality shine through in your posts. The next step is to mention your work; don’t be afraid to talk about yourself. Share links to articles you’ve written, photos you’ve taken, or any other work that you’ve done. However, don’t talk about yourself too much. There must be a balance in your posts.


3. Align your passions with the organisation’s values: It’s okay to share your passions online, and if these passions are valued by the organisations you’re interested in, you should use this to your advantage. For example, if you’re passionate about the environment, and the organisation you’re interested in also values the environment, this will help you stand out.


4. Don’t be a fly on the wall: If you’re only using social media to get information, then you’re missing out on a big part of social media. It’s so much more than a tool that gives you information; there’s a social aspect of it too, which allows you to engage and communicate with others. You should engage with organisations that you’re interested in working for, and people in your industry.


So take another look at your social media profiles. Are you allowing your personality to shine through? Are you engaging with others? Make the most of social media, and use it to put your best foot forward.



Amy Cheng

Amy Cheng

Communications Intern at Social Check™

Amy Cheng was a communications Intern at Social Check™. She is a talented young journalist that resides in Sydney and is currently completing a Master of Arts in Journalism at the University of Technology Sydney.