4 Mistakes Job Seekers Make Online


As a job seeker, you’re probably looking for ways to stand out amongst the crowd. Well, one thing that will give you an edge over others is a great online presence. Now that first impressions are made online, it’s important to look good online.

Clean up your social media profiles, and put your best foot forward. And while you’re at it, analyse your behaviour on social media. Are you making silly mistakes?

Here are four mistakes to avoid:


1. Avoid extreme personas

Most of us enjoy a drink every now and then, but if you’re out partying every weekend and weeknight, you probably don’t want to share this online. Employers will not hire someone who might come in hungover the next day; they want a hard worker, who will work efficiently. The same also applies to people who are too opinionated, too talkative, or too political.  


2. Don’t share too much about your life

We’re not just talking about private details of your life, such as your address and personal information, which you definitely shouldn’t share; we’re talking about the frequency of updates. Do you really need to tell your Facebook friends that you’ve gone to the gym, after every workout? Do you really need to upload a photo of every single meal that you’ve had?

Unless you’re a fitness instructor or a food critic, this type of content adds nothing to your personal brand. Show recruiters and potential employers that you have something valuable to offer; share interesting information and helpful insights about your industry.


3. Don’t be a robot

While you need to be wary of what you post online, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. Have you got a great sense of humour? Work that into your posts. Are you great at encouraging people? Spread some of that love around.

This can be as easy as adding a comment to a link that you share, explaining why the article is great. Or it could be adding words of encouragement to a retweet. However you do it, add a bit of personality to your posts.


4. Don’t keep your skills and accomplishments to yourself

It’s okay to brag a little on social media; after all, it’s all about putting your best foot forward. As long as you have a nice balance with your posts, i.e. not too many posts about yourself, it’s fine to talk about yourself. Don’t talk about yourself too much though, or you’ll start heading into ‘oversharing territory’.

LinkedIn has a section that allows you to share your skills and accomplishments. Make the most of this, and show recruiters and future employers why you’re valuable, and why they should hire you.


Stand out from the crowd by having a great online presence. Don’t let silly mistakes hold you back. Monitor your online personal brand and reduce your reputational risk.



Amy Cheng

Amy Cheng

Communications Intern at Social Check™

Amy Cheng was a communications Intern at Social Check™. She is a talented young journalist that resides in Sydney and is currently completing a Master of Arts in Journalism at the University of Technology Sydney.