4 Goals For Your Job Search in 2015


Most job seekers goals when it comes to finding new employment opportunities surround sending out 50 resumes a week, along with the hope of securing a job ASAP. But let’s be honest, is hitting that apply button over and over again really the most productive and effective way of finding a new job? Probably not. First of all it’s not fun and secondly a smaller group of goals are actually going to have a greater impact and stand a greater chance of success that a few big difficult goals.

So what should these smaller job searching goals look like?

1. Create a list of your top 3 companies

Applying to loads of jobs, including those that you are not qualified for isn’t going to get you very far. You should be investing as much time as possible in researching the top 3 companies you’d like to work for and then using this information in tailored applications. By garnering this smaller focus you’ll have a better guide to work towards and stand a greater chance in finding new opportunities.

2. Network to get work 

Use your target list of companies in goal 1 to meet and make contact with those who work in your area within those organisations. You may consider giving yourself the challenge of meeting 1-5 new people per week, and keep tabs by adding them on LinkedIn.

3. Leverage your existing network

People in your existing network such as your first connections, will be happy to help you look for new opportunities. So let them know you’re looking and specify the role that you are looking for and what you have to offer. The best way to get this out there to your contacts is to put it in a LinkedIn message and send it off to those in your network you you think can help in your search. Make sure you customise it for each individual especially for those who work in your dream company.

4. Stay Active

It’s important to remember to stay active throughout your job hunt. You should be completing activities that are going to help boost your resume and help you make new connections. Perhaps complete a new course, or some volunteer work. This experience equips you with ammunition for your job interviews and gives light to your ambitious and hard working abilities. Searching for a job is more than sending off 50 applications per week. You want to be opening your own doors and creating your own luck.

Create your target list, spend time on your network, both new and pre-existing and keep pushing through. By harnessing your energy on these 4 goals, you will be bound for success in 2015.

David Griffiths

David Griffiths

Founder & Director - Social Check™

Social Check™ helps individuals to look the very best they can online and ensure that their personal online brand is as strong as it can be. Social Check’s unique technology helps people to rapidly, cheaply and easily audit their existing online presence and then take swift action to remedy issues and improve it. With a background of holding senior roles in multi-national corporates, David is passionate about business strategy, social media, innovation, start-ups, leadership, personal branding, executive development, brand reputation, reputational risk and digital marketing.