3 Good Reasons to Separate Your Personal and Professional Life Online


Most of us spend the majority of our time at work, and many close friendships have been formed in the workplace. However, while it’s great to make friends at work, it’s also important to separate our personal lives from our professional lives. There are several ways to do this, some people use different networks - such as LinkedIn and Twitter for their professional life, and Facebook for their personal life. However you do it, it’s a good idea to separate the two.

Here are some reasons why you should consider doing so, if you haven’t already:


1. It provides a layer of privacy

With many recruiters and employers now using social media, it’s more important than ever to maintain a level of privacy. By keeping your private life private, you are free to post and write about anything you want, without fear of it affecting you professionally.


2. Your professional and private life don’t mix

Your friends may not be interested in information about your industry, and your colleagues or boss are probably not interested in your weekend adventures, especially if they don’t know you very well. Check your privacy settings to ensure that your private life is indeed private.  

3. To gain control over your professional online brand

By separating your personal life from your professional life online, you are able to build your professional online brand. You can decide who your target audience is, choose people to connect with in your network, and control the content to include in posts.


So, have another look at your online profiles. Is there are clear distinction between your personal and professional life? If there isn’t, now may be a good time to start. Monitor your online brand, and maximise your opportunities.


David Griffiths

David Griffiths

Founder & Director - Social Check™

Social Check™ helps individuals to look the very best they can online and ensure that their personal online brand is as strong as it can be. Social Check’s unique technology helps people to rapidly, cheaply and easily audit their existing online presence and then take swift action to remedy issues and improve it. With a background of holding senior roles in multi-national corporates, David is passionate about business strategy, social media, innovation, start-ups, leadership, personal branding, executive development, brand reputation, reputational risk and digital marketing.